Press release – Conscients in the doo-list for Christmas

With the Christmas edition of Doolittle, the fashion kid magazine, the doo-list gives you ideas of gifts…


Rendez vous on page 27, and find the Conscients gift idea



Plant a tree for christmas gift

For those of us who like living in a world where every change is possible, this gift is for you. Planting a tree for a kid, for christmas gift is so full of sense to us. We’ve decided to do it in Amazonia, in Peru, in a fair and organic cocoa cooperative. The reforestation project is coordinated by Pur Projet, a collective of entrepreneurs who like to do business differently.



Press release – Parents

Parents, a french famous magazine dedicated to parenthood, presents “my tree shirt” focusing on the deep blue organic bodysuit of the collection.



Néoplanète sept oct 13

Press release – Thank you Neoplanete !

Do you know Neoplanete? A french magazine about environment. And they also talk about My Tree Shirt !


Thank you Neoplanete !



300 trees planted so far!

Today, thanks to a little baby named Mathis, we finished our third plantation plot and opened a new one.. 300 trees planted in Amazonia so far.. for all of them (mostly babies but some parents too:
Yu Fei,



Webzine – Pirouette Blog

A great post about Conscients, our organic clothes and project for the amazonian rainforest! Read


Playtime was good

Very rich edition of the Playtime Paris! Our working boy pants in organic cotton have been selected in the Hispster’s Trends space.. My tree-shirt concept was also versy well-received! Good news and a lot of work.. Here are the pictures…



Playtime 26-28 january

Please meet us at Playtime Paris, on the 26-27-28 of january. We’ll be pleased to present you our new organic baby clothes collection… especially our playsuits.. And more project with trees.
Lets meet on the stand H16..

Offrir un arbre avec un vêtement bio pour une naissance

Plant a tree for a baby

178 trees planted! As baby gifts and especially for christmas. We’re really proud to contribute to the reforestation of Amazonia with you. Thanks a lot. 178 trees is not much regarding the size of Amazonia and the numbers of trees cutted every day. Anyway, we’re happy to plant trees for you and your babies. We strongly believe it’s a way to act against big problems with pleasure and optimism, just as kids do.



Thank you Bubble Mag

Our grey organic baby jumpsuit is on Bubble Mag this winter… Check it page 22 :)



Pop up stores Paris

A good way to touch our organic baby clothing and find great gift ideas for christmas is to visit the pop up stores going on in Paris for the Christmas season.
On, december 9, we will participate in the Marché des cadeaux bio et écolo. It’s a sunday and you’ll feel almost at home in the friendly and joyfull atmosphere of La Flèche d’or. All brands are involved in an ecological project, we guess you’ll enjoy this great eco-friendly gifts’ choice. La Flèche d’or, 102 rue de Bagnolet, Paris 20ème.
On, the 15 and 16 of december, we’ll be at La boutique éphémère, in the heart of Paris, Galerie Joseph, 7 rue Froissard, Paris 3ème. For the first time, this now famous and glamourous pop up store, will dedidate the whole lobby to kids clothing and accesories.



Green gift ideas for christmas

Christmas’ coming.. It can be the wasteful time of the year or not. It can be a moment of excessive consumerism or not. The way we will decide to handle this moment of the year can make big differences, with huge implications for the environment and our family.