Plant a tree for a baby

178 trees planted! As baby gifts and especially for christmas. We’re really proud to contribute to the reforestation of Amazonia with you. Thanks a lot. 178 trees is not much regarding the size of Amazonia and the numbers of trees cutted every day. Anyway, we’re happy to plant trees for you and your babies. We strongly believe it’s a way to act against big problems with pleasure and optimism, just as kids do.
And it’s just a beginning. We have a lot of project to plant more trees. In 2013, please go on with us!
A tree for a baby is the perfect birth gift! You can buy one in our shop, and we’ll send you the certificate with your unique number, your name, the species planted and the GPS datas. We’ll also send you the google earth application so that you’ll be able to visit the project. You are free to use these documents wherever you please.
The reforestation project is located in the peruvian Amazonia, in the region of Alto Huayabamba. The project is led by producers from a fair and organic cocoa cooperative. Trees are planted following agroforestry systems improving the yield of cocoa trees whilst preserving the biodiversity, soil and water quality. This project is coordinated by Pur Projet, a collective acting against global warming by planting trees.