Plant a tree for christmas gift

For those of us who like living in a world where every change is possible, this gift is for you. Planting a tree for a kid, for christmas gift is so full of sense to us. We’ve decided to do it in Amazonia, in Peru, in a fair and organic cocoa cooperative. The reforestation project is coordinated by Pur Projet, a collective of entrepreneurs who like to do business differently.


They are so many reasons to plant a tree. It can be because you want your child to learn about biodiversity or to show him the ways to fight global warming. It can be because you want to make a usefull gift for a friend. It can be because chistmas means more to you than a gift celebration. There are so many reasons to plant a tree for christmas gift.. We’ve decided to do it, because we’ve been in this region of Amazonia. We’ve seen the damages to earth, but we’ve also felt the great hope in every producer of the cooperative we met.


Planting a tree brings hope, happyness and help your planet to stay pure… That’s what we believe. If you want to plant a tree for someone you love in Amazonia, there it is : plant a tree for christmas gift.

Alto Huayabamba Project