Looking at our kids growing with their trees is more than a romantic image to us. Planting trees is a concrete project. This project is part of Conscients’ DNA. Being conscious means looking at the world with brand new eyes just as kids do. Being conscious means focusing on the solutions rather than the problems. Being conscious means acting with pleasure.



Planting a tree is an efficient way to act against global warming as deforestation is responsible for 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Planting a tree for a new baby is a happy birth gift. It’s also a way to encourage kids to focus on the solutions rather than to being stressed by climates issues.



So, for each clothe we sell, we invest 1€ in a reforestation program. And you can also plant trees with us. You’ll receive a unique and personal certificate with the GPS data and a google earth application to see where you’re planting.



The reforestation project is held by a fair and organic cocoa cooperative in the peruvian Amazonia. Trees are planted following agroforestry systems improving the yield whilst preserving the biodiversity, soil and water quality.



We’ll be pleased to send you all information about the project, and you’ll be free to use all the documents that you’ll receive for your tree purchase.



Plant trees now !